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What is Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业?

Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 is an wine club founded by Sophie菲菲 & Bertrand百川, 2 French wine lovers living in Shanghai. We have created Fancy Cellar, your personal web and mobile wine assistant, to help you find the right wine for you. Drinking wine is awesome, right? But choosing the right wine can be challenging… And not many people actually speak winese ;) That is why we have developed our Digital Sommelier, that guide you step by step to get the best wine that fits your needs, tastes & budget! You can trust our expertise, we are wine importer & e-tailer specialized in boutique French wines. We have been distributing our wines throughout China to the TOP wine professionals like Shangri-La and Waldorf Astoria 5 star hotels. Santé!


How does Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 work?

Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 gives you exclusive access to outstanding wines at unrivaled prices. We make the world of wine accessible to everyone via beautiful sale-events everyday, that we empower with an advanced e-learning interface and our own social platform. We source our wines directly in vineyards and import them ourselves, cutting all middlemen, enabling us to offer our members very attractive prices. Membership is free without any obligation. Our philosophy: Discover, Taste… Share! No need to be an expert to enjoy good stuff in life :-)


How does Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 selects the wine?

We have one leitmotiv: we only put on our website products that we would buy and drink ourselves. We are wine lovers too and are our first customers after all! We have a 3 steps process that we follow thoroughly to secure you the best deals:

1. Experts Curation

Our Fancy Experts is the A-Team of international wine experts. Altogether they combine more than a century of education and work experience in the world of wine. Our wine specialists (5 star sommeliers, wine advisors etc.) travel the world to hunt down one-of-a-kind products, which are the perfect expression of their original Terroir. We then work hard to get you the best deal possible, amazing goods at fair prices. You will savor them and your wallet will treasure them! Our Fancy Team sort and taste hundreds of wines each year, rating each one based on a number of factors such as taste, color, nose and of course value for money. Finally they choose only their favorites and only these one will access the second of our selection; that is about 1 out of 10 wines.

2. Members’ Curation

At Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 we treasure two things: our Members and our wines. That is why we value all of our members’ opinions, and why we often organize wine tastings for our VIP and regular members. We invite our community to come along to share their tastes and impressions about the wines previously selected by our Fancy Experts. From the batch of wines that made it through the first screening of our Fancy Experts, only 1 in 5 will be approved by our Members’ curation. If you want a chance to taste great wines like a pro, with pros, then this is it! Stay tuned on Weibo & WeChat and we’ll let you know when a tasting is up.

3. Final Inspection

It’s well known that buying high-end goods in China can be tricky sometimes. It is difficult for consumers to trace back the source of the products and some enterprises are not transparent about the way they do business. This is why Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 guarantee that all the products displayed on its site are genuine and imported. All our wines are subject to rigorous quality checks during our sourcing process. We work closely with our all our partners to ensure the wines are secure and kept at their best potential at all times. Besides we also pursue an attractive pricing policy to make sure that all our wines are accessible to the Chinese market.


What is the difference your between Fancy Collection & Flash Sales?

Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 Flash sales offers a curated selection of the most well-know awarded wines, only available in very limited quantity & time. They are perfect for building your wine cellar, for gift giving or for sharing at a celebration. We will give you heads-up by email, Weibo & WeChat every time a sale-event is about to start, so stay tuned and don’t miss out. So don't forget to check out our latest offerings when you're planning your next get-together and need the perfect wines to please all your guests and go easy on your wallet.


How long last your flash sales?

Our flash sales events feature products that are available in limited quantities and time. This is one of the reasons why we are able to present you such good bargains. Our sales-events last from 24H to one week and several new offers are showcased on our site almost everyday, so stay tuned!


Why is Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 currently a membership-only service?

 Wine is a special product; it is not a mass production commodity. As we collaborate with producers, wine growers and wine makers who emphasize on quality and not quantity, our wines are made available on our site in restricted amount. Therefore, to ensure that all our customers have a chance to get the bottle they want, we have to monitor our members’ number. Thus you don’t have to worry about your favorite bottle vanishing to fast!


How do I join?

Membership to Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 is free (and always will be) without any obligation of any kind - just join. Welcome to the Club! You will be personally informed at the start of each sale-event, but then you can order when you wish. Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 is like a Wine Club online, so if you are already a member and would like to share your passion with your family & friends just send them an invite! Also, if you know someone who is member, just request your invitation. We encourage our members to spread the passion of wine to their entourage!


Santé ~ 干杯

Sophie 菲菲 & Bertrand 百川

Founding Partners 创始合作伙伴, FANCY CELLAR 品庄酒业

Your Digital Sommelier ~ 品庄专属鉴酒顾问