What is Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业?

Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 is an wine club founded by 2 French wine lovers living in Shanghai. We have created Fancy Cellar, your personal web and mobile wine assistant, to help you find the right wine for you. Drinking wine is awesome, right? But choosing the right wine can be challenging… And not many people actually speak winese ;) That is why we have developed our Digital Sommelier, that guide you step by step to get the best wine that fits your needs, tastes & budget!

You can trust our expertise, we are wine importer & e-tailer specialized in boutique French wines. We distribute our wines throughout China to the TOP wine professionals like Shangri-La and Waldorf Astoria 5 star hotels. Santé!

How do I join?

Membership to Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 is free (and always will be) without any obligation of any kind - just join. Welcome to the Club! You will be personally informed at the start of each sale-event, but then you can order when you wish. Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业is like a Wine Club online, so if you are already a member and would like to share your passion with your family & friends just send them an invite! Also, if you know someone who is member, just request your invitation. We encourage our members to spread the passion of wine to their entourage!

Who unearth the products I see on the site?

We have one leitmotiv: we only put on our website products that we would buy for ourselves. We are wine lovers too and are our first customers after all!

Our Fancy Team is the A-Team of international wine experts. Our wine specialists hunt down one-of-a-kind products, which are the perfect expression of their original Terroir. Our wine curators come from all over the world: France to Italy to China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. They are well known and respected wine advisors who are here to give you their best tips; but above all, share their passion for wine culture and epicurean style.

What is Weibo / QQ / WeChat linking and can I enjoy it?

Are you on Weibo / QQ / WeChat? If the answer is “Yes!”then this is your lucky day! Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 offers you the possibility to register via your Weibo / QQ / WeChat account and it’s easy as pie. You can register in an easy one step process; moreover we figure it would be better for our Members since they won’t have to create another username and password.

Also be assured that we do not receive any of your private information from Weibo / QQ / WeChat if you register through this method. Note that registering via Weibo / QQ / WeChat or linking your Weibo / QQ / WeChat account after registration will give you some benefits:


  • No need to fill out another registration form.
  • We will directly find your Weibo / QQ / WeChat friends that are already on Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 so you don’t feel alone!
  • You will have an easy way to share your favorite wines and invite friends to join Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业


However, of course having a Weibo / QQ / WeChat account is not mandatory to be a fellow Member of Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业. You don’t have to link it too if you have one, it is up to you. If you like, you can simply submit your email, select a username and choose a password to register. You will enjoy all the same benefits as any other member on Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 via this method, no worries.

Why share on Weibo / QQ / WeChat?

Wine is a one of a kind product that is meant to be shared. That’s why we give our members the opportunity to enhance their experience by socializing it via Weibo / QQ / WeChat. Weibo / QQ / WeChat is a great way to instantly share your experience with your entourage and it’s free, the more the merrier!

Why are there few products on your website?

At Fancy Cellar 品庄酒业 we treasure quality and banish quantity. We are like virtual sommeliers; we only serve high standards, awarded wines providing best value for money. Our Fancy Team of experts’ curates for you the best wines available on the market. Our average screening ratio is 25 for 1 and goes up to 50 for 1!  By doing the hard work of selection for you, we avoid you the confusion and the perplexity you might feel sometimes when starring at a wine shelf in a shop or a wine list in a restaurant.

That’s why on Fancy Cellar you can never go wrong. Just pick the type of wine you love (red, white, sparkling etc.) you can be assured that it will be a best-in-class one. Cheers!

What is your privacy policy? Transparency.

All data provided during your visits to FancyCellar.com are strictly confidential and secure. None of your personal information or data will not be sold or rented to anyone, anytime without your prior consent. Your personal information will only be used by our teams to inform you of our offers and to contact you regarding our services: accounting, control of credit card or other payment card, maintenance and system development, customer surveys, customer relations, and to improve future communications and better identify your needs and preferences. Once registered on FancyCellar.com, you can access the "My Account" and change your personal data. In this section "My Account" you can choose to include stop receiving our offers. For more information about Fancy Cellar's privacy policy, please visit www.FancyCellar.com/privacy.

Can I recommend products for Fancy Cellar to offer?

You are more than welcome, please do! Just drop us a line at Contact@FancyCellar.com and we will be happy to see what we can do to satisfy your needs. And if we don’t currently have the exact wine you desire, we will make sure to propose you other product that will match your appetite.


Why is this product more expensive on Fancy Cellar than its country of origin?

We work hard to secure you the best possible bargains and are completely transparent with our pricing policy. So we give you some basic info on wine’s taxonomy in China hence you get an overview of the situation.

The fact is that being an imported product, wine is highly taxed. That is mainly what makes it more expensive in Mainland China than in other countries (as for other imported commodities).

Every imported bottle into China is taxed three times: the current import duty on bottled wine is 14%. Added to this are a further 10% consumption tax and VAT of 17%. All are applied to the CIF price (CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight), giving an effective total tariff of 48.2%.

All applied on the CIF price (CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight), so not only the cost of goods is taxed but the insurance and shipping costs too.

Due to all these factors, wine is more expensive in China compare to other countries that have free trade agreements, like within Europe for instance.


I'm a supplier/producer and would like to see my products offered on Fancy Cellar Whom could I talk to?

We are always looking forward to setting up new valuable partnerships. So please email Contact@FancyCellar.com, and we'll be happy to pass the word to our curators. Besides wine connoisseurs are like gold diggers, always looking for some untapped gold nuggets.

Are all the vintages up to date ?

Please note that certain vintages may vary from when delivered. Every effort is made to ensure the current vintage is displayed, however variations can occur. Managing hundreds of references, it is merely impossible to keep all vintages data 100% up to date (photos, content, labels etc.). If you’re desperately looking for a particular vintage, please let us know and we’ll try our best to get it for you. Thanks for your understanding!