In a hurry? You need to get some bottles of wine ASAP for a dinner? A case of Champagne for a party this weekend? Or you’re just too tired to go through our regular order process? It’s OK we got you.

You can contact us directly to place your order with our Wine Express Delivery Service Shanghai! We'll try our best to save you party, baby shower, barmitzva, birthday or wedding! Even though we hope you planned this one a little more properly ;)

Our Wine & Spirits Express Delivery Service is available only for our customers in Shanghai PuxiSorry La!


>>> Wine Express Delivery Service >>>


Call us directly 400-098-1219 drop us a line at with the Subject: “Quick! Bring me wine!”


Fast and reliable wine delivery via trustworthy carriers is one of our 6 facts that make our awesomeness!

We’ll be in touch!





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