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Fancy Cellar has been founded, developed and is operated by passionate people. Fancy Cellar has very diverse team & partners, we believe it’s a both a chance and a strength! 3 different kinds of people make Fancy Cellar real, and below are short abstracts of whom they are.

If you want to know more about us, you can meet us virtually by clicking on their detailed profile below:

  • Fancy Members - You!

Altogether, the Members of FancyCellar are a big family & community of wine lovers!


  • Fancy Experts - Your personal online sommeliers!

We have the most eminent and experienced team of experts that can be found both online in China!


  • Fancy Team – Founders & Managers at your service!

We run the show at FancyCellar. We are true wine enthusiasts  & connoisseurs, all Francophile - Sinophile, at your service.




Sophie 菲菲 & Bertrand 百川

Founding Partners, FANCY CELLAR 品庄酒业 - Your Sommelier